VerTrue Whitening

what is Vertrue Whitening?

Trusted by local dentists, designed to deliver honest results.

Our goal is to deliver a no-frills whitening system that cuts out all the flashy lighting systems and cut to the chase…

To whiten your teeth and deliver results with our whitening kit that is approved by our own network of  dentists.

our mission

Simple & Honest Teeth Whitening Care

Our mission is to provide an honest and truthful method of brightening smiles to Central PA. VerTrue Whitening is a simple whitening product that you can get at any of our participating dental offices (listed below) or through our website. 

Ordering whitening kits online will still require an in-office dental health screening to ensure you’re eligible for a whitening treatment. 

Trusted by Our Dentists

Our team of dentists have approved this whitening system

No-gimmicks Whitening

No lights, no fancy frills, just simple whitening that works

Trusted & Experienced

The team behind the scenes has decades of combined experience

Available online

Order refills online, we'll ship them right to your door

VerTrue Whitening Ingredients:

Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Urea (Carbamide) Peroxide, Carbomer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Flavor (Aroma), EDTA, Sodium Saccharin.

VerTrue Whitening - Participating Dentists

Verber Family Dentistry
Rother Dental
Fox Dental Ltd
Noll Family Dentistry
Capozzi Dental
Search Dental
Verber Dental Group
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