VerTrue Whitening

VerTrue Whitening Terms and Conditions – 2022

The VerTrue Whitening System and Whitening Gels are only available after visiting your dentist. Results are not guaranteed, and you should work closely with your dentist to determine if your oral health is suited for a whitening treatment.

Whitening Gel Refills/Subscription:

Your subscription will auto-renew and the credit card on file will be billed determined by date of your purchase. Renewal dates and amounts are all available to check on prior to auto-renewal on your dashboard

A full refund of the subscription fee will be granted as long as no services were utilized, such as the initial health screening service at your selected dental office. 

Subscription rates are subject to change on an annual basis and customers will be notified prior to the renewal of any price changes for subscription products.

Risks associated with whitening treatments

  • Whitening results are not guaranteed: The VerTrue whitening system is not guaranteed to whiten or lighten all teeth, including teeth which restorative work has been performed or that have existing damage (fillings, decay, cracks, chips, ets). If you have pre-existing periodontal disease, areas near the gum lines on the tooth may not respond to tooth whitening.
  • The effectiveness of whitening treatments can be severely lessened by the use of tobacco products, soda, coffee, tea, wine and other similar dark drinks/foods that produce staining agents.
  • Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation may appear from long-term and excessive use of teeth whitening products. Long term damage to the nerves or structure of a tooth may result if the tooth has existing damage, decay or cracks in the tooth structure or fillings/restorative work.
  • Teeth whitening isn’t permanent and whitening teeth can return to their darker shades over time. By reducing your exposure to specific foods and drinks combined with proper oral health care you can help to maintain a brighter smile for a longer period of time.
  • Please consult with your dentist prior to beginning any whitening treatments to ensure the condition of your oral health is a proper fit for teeth whitening.

By agreeing to this consent, you are certifying that: You will consult with your dentist or have already consulted with your dentist before beginning the VerTrue Whitening Treatment. This check with your dentist should ensure that your teeth are free from cracks, un-repaired cavities, loose or failed fillings, crowns and/or bridges, and other more serious oral health conditions that would prevent a safe and effective whitening treatment. You further agree to and understand the benefits and risks of a whitening treatment as explained in this form and as covered by your dentist. 

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